Health and Wellness Opportunities in Austin, Texas

The City of Austin's Health Promotion Unit is devoted to providing lifelong recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities to encourage healthy lifestyles and sustainable living. Through the Varsity Generation Parks and Recreation program, the city offers free programs to the Austin community that promote active and healthy living. The Senior Activity Center, located on the southeast corner of 29th and North Lamar Streets, is a special-purpose resource center for the entire community that provides an ideal environment for the development of good physical and mental health for people aged 50 and over. The Center for Students in Recovery is a supportive community where students who are recovering or hoping to recover can achieve academic success while enjoying an authentic college experience free from alcohol and other drugs. UT Austin also provides health insurance plans to eligible students, faculty, and staff. The Lamar Senior Activity Center offers a wide range of health and wellness activities for the Austin community.

These activities include taught classes, educational seminars, workshops, trips, dances, volunteer opportunities, support groups, special events, meeting space, and private rental space. The Health Promotion Unit's SHIFT program engages the community in a dialogue that shifts the culture of substance use on campus, transitioning from a culture of abuse to one of well-being. Through these initiatives, the city of Austin is committed to promoting programs that support healthy living in the Austin community.

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