Childcare Services in Austin, Texas: Find the Best Options for Your Family

Are you looking for childcare services in Austin, Texas? Our team of experts is here to help you find the best options for your family. We provide scholarships to eligible families in Travis County and connect them to more than 400 early learning programs. These programs offer full-day daycare for infants and toddlers from AISD staff and families on many campuses. Priority is given to AISD staff, but when space is available, care is offered to other families in the community.

Reduced tuition rates are available for eligible families. The Gold's centers in the Austin area are a great choice for childcare. There are 15 centers in total, with only one not offering daycare (downtown, in West Austin, JCC Austin). Members of the Austin Jewish Community Center have access to babysitting services while at the Sports & gym. The Texas Rising Star program is a rating and quality improvement system (QRIS) that provides current and historical information about the Child Care Services program.

This includes data on participation in Texas Rising Star, the children served and the environments in which they are served, and the overall presence of the program in the state. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), the lead agency and fiscal agent, requested these funds in partnership with other members of the Interagency Early Childhood Task Force. In addition to childcare services, neighborhood centers provide a variety of social and health services for low- and moderate-income residents in several Austin neighborhoods. These services include emergency assistance for rent, utilities, and food assistance. Finding quality childcare can be a challenge, but our team of experts is here to help you find the best options for your family. We also provide information about the Texas Rising Star program and other social services available at neighborhood centers.

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