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MFCC enjoys broad local support.


  • Call Maria Castro (512-385-4899) to schedule Colorado Hall
  • Call Vernell Moncure (512-836-5134) to schedule a program, etc.
  • Call Virginia Warrington (512-266-2573) to schedule an adult or youth group cleanup/work day at MFCC.
  • Questions? Call Vernell Moncure at 512-836-5134
    MAIL:  MFCC, P.O. Box 4691, Austin, TX  78765

Community Center

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Montopolis Friendship Community Center

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Montopolis Friendship

PO Box 4691 | Austin, TX  78765-4691  512-385-0294

Officers and committee members are
elected and installed by Sue Sidney with an
inspirational ceremony that recalled the dedicated workers that began MFCC and the responsibility of our new leaders to continue in serving the community. Those elected for 2017 are just as dedicated as the founders and eager to support programs which have continued for 60 years at MFCC.

Chair - Vernell Moncure,  cvmoncure@gmail.com

Secretary - Alberta Shelton,  umaoma@sbcglobal.net

Treasurer - 

Church Networking/Publicity - Emma Lea Mayton,   emayton@gmail.com

Building/Grounds - 

Senior Activities - Maria Castro

Newsletter - Virginia Warrington, vawarrington@gmail.com

Scholarships - Martha Renfroe,   martha33@gmail.com

Yearbook - Sue Sidney,  suesidney@aceweb.com

Nominating Chairperson - Virginia Smith,  vedaustin@aol.com

Colorado Hall Community Use - Please call Maria Castro, Phone:  512-385-4899